Online Learning and Networking Event-Wednesday 11 August 2021

Saturday, 7 August 2021

Young People and Leadership in the Pacific: International Youth Day Event

The past two years have demonstrated how quickly life can change for us all. COVID-19 has forced everyone to re-evaluate lifestyles and livelihoods at individual and collective levels. The pandemic has also offered an insight into how other challenges may affect us in the future – such as the climate crisis, equitable access to health and education, and food security. With people aged under 35 making up approximately two thirds of the populations of Pacific states, it is clear that the emerging generations of leaders will largely be responsible for determining the future prosperity for the Pacific as it faces these challenges.

The theme for International Youth Day 2021 is ‘Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health’. The Women’s Leadership Initiative is hosting three young leaders across the Pacific to explore how young people can exercise leadership to address social, environmental and economic challenges. With experience working with civil society organisations, governments and multilateral organisations globally, these leaders will discuss practical strategies for, and lessons learned from exercising leadership in the Pacific, including:

• How to identify opportunities to demonstrate leadership,

• How young people can get their voices heard in decision making spaces, and

• When to lead as an individual and when to lead with others


Guest Speakers 

Millicent Barty, Social Entrepreneur and Youth Advocate, Solomon Islands

Ernest Gibson, Climate Change Advocate and Communications Specialist, Fiji

Thenu Herath, CEO of Oaktree, Australia

Dr Aidan Craney (Moderator), Development scholar, La Trobe University, Australia

Event Date and Time 

12.00-2.00pm AEST, Wednesday 11 August 2021


Event Outline 

12.00pm          Formal welcome, acknowledgement of country 

12:10pm          DFAT opening remarks

12:15pm          Introduction to the Women's Leadership Initiative 

12:20pm          Panel discussion 

1:00pm            Break out session/ small group discussion

1:35pm            Q&A

1:55pm            Wrap up, thanks and close.

2:00pm            Event close 

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